Shivalya Guidelines & Rules

1. While visiting the Shivalya, please maintain silence, especially when Pooja is in progress.
2. All activities in the Shivalya shall be according to Hindu Traditions in keeping with the dignity and respect for the sanctity of a holy place. Any behavior in and around the facility against the sanctity of temple, the Hindu traditions and disturbing to the community at large will not be tolerated.
3. Please remove all footwear / winter coats before entering the worship area, and place them in the designated area. If you are not comfortable being barefoot, please bring a pair of socks with you.
4. At the Shivalya, we request everybody to dress appropriately. We encourage you to wear Indian clothing but do not require it.
5. Please refrain for touching any of the Gods/Idols. No one is allowed to enter the sanctum area to put kumkum, chandan, rice, flowers and fruits directly on the Murties except the priest conducting the worship and volunteers helping the priest.
6. The offerings should be placed on a separate table unless permitted by the priest to offer directly.
7. While a Pooja /Ritual ceremony is in progress, Please refrain from engaging in acts that may distract the concentration of other devotees; For example: no ringing bells or coming to alter. If you wish to do any of these acts, please wait for the Pooja to get over.
8. Please contact the front desk staff at the Shivalya (or priest if no staff is available) for any detailed information about the puja services.
9. No food or drinks to be consumed in the Pooja room, other than Prasad. All other food must be served in dining area.
10. All the food served at the Shivalya should be Saatvik, i.e. pure vegetarian without garlic and onions.
11. Please turn of your phones or have them on silent/vibration mode while inside the Shivalya.
12. We request you to not leave the children unsupervised in the Shivalya.
13. No pets are allowed in the Shivalya.
14. The management at the Shivalya is glad to provide assistance to devotees with special needs.
15. Please help us in maintaining cleanliness in the Shivalya by disposing the waste appropriately.
16. No posters, announcements or advertisements shall be displayed without the permission of the management.
17. Any special pooja services and religious services (in or outside the temple) should be confirmed by the management of Shivalya.
18. All air conditioning and electrical systems and facilities must not be violated or changed by anyone other than a committee member or staff, as permitted by the management.
19. Smoking, consumption of alcohol or chewing gum in the temple premises is strictly prohibited.
20. All non-monetary items or donations require approval by the temple management.
21. No item should be borrowed or removed from Shivalya premises and no personal and household items should be left in the premises. All items left in Shivalya either unsolicited or requested/donated shall be deemed to be owned by Shivalya permanently and can be used, moved, sold or disposed or discarded a month after the item was left, at the discretion of Management.
22. Soliciting is strictly prohibited in and around the premises.
23. All Shivalya belongs to all devotees; please provide as much service to the temple possible. Your service (sewa) may be in the form of helping in the clean up after meals, cleaning in and around the temple etc.
24. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please put them in writing in the suggestion box or send it to "".

Private Functions

· The devotee who has booked an event at Shivalya shall be solely and fully responsible for all actions, behavior and conduct of all their guests and invited visitors at the premises.
· The devotee who books space in Shivalya for an event is required to properly clean the temple carpet, kitchen, dining area, the refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, sinks, bench tops and all pots and utensils used at the function.

Although the management committee will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all visitors and devotees, all users must assume the full responsibility of their actions and conduct whilst at Shivalya premises. The management or the Association will not under any circumstance whatsoever be responsible or liable for any injury or damage caused to or suffered by anyone or their property at any time whilst at or around Shivalya's premises.