Shivalya Hindu Cultural Center was the dream of several long term community members who sought to create an organization devoted to the foundation of a Shiv Temple in Chicago. Shivalya envisions building a growing community that connects Hindus through cultural, spiritual, and religious practice and traditions. By uniting spiritual worship within a cultural community setting, Shivalya is a unique urban haven of the Hindu culture and religion.


As a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Charitable Organization, Shivalya has the goal of providing a place that encourages religious, spiritual, and cultural gatherings for the residents of Chicago. Shivalya hopes to unite a passionate community that seeks to be immersed in Hindu philosophy, arts, culture, and knowledge. As a part of this mission, we serve to:

* Provide a place of worship in the Chicago Downtown area.

* Welcome Hindus and non-Hindus that seek to broaden knowledge and understanding.

* Build a community that brings Chicago-area devotees together.

* Encourage religious, social, cultural, and educational activities.

* Provide a forum for scholarly and intellectual discussion.

* Embrace other religious and send a message of peace and love.

* Offer educational enrichment for children through music, dance, and Hindi language classes and workshops.

Shivalya's goal is to involve people with spiritual beliefs to be able to increase learning and teaching through different thoughts and experiences. Shivalya's existence is all because of its community.

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