Shivalya offers a Monthly/Annual Individual or Family memberships, welcoming you to become a part of Shivalya’s growing family! Your support is imperative to the maintenance and development of Chicago’s 501(c)(3) Nonprofit in Chicago, who's members help us ensure that Shivalya will continue to grow, thrive, and provide a safe space for the Hindu culture and values to Chicago for many generations to come.


Benefits of becoming a Shivalya Member:

  • You become part of Shivalya family.

  • You get discounted prices on all Shivalya event tickets.

  • You get 10% off all Shivalya class fees

  • You get 10% off all Shivalya services including poojas and astrology

  • You get E-mail notifications for upcoming festivals, poojas, and classes

  • You also get E-mail notifications of first time announcements such as fundraising and holiday events


How to become a Shivalya Member:
For your convenience, both an Individual and a Family membership option are available. Simply fill out the

Membership Form available for download in the following link and e-mail it back to or return it to Shivalya Hindu Cultural Center. Thank you for your support and we greatly appreciate your commitment.

Pay Online by choosing your option below:

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