Dear Devotees,


We want to thank you for your support of the Shivalya temple over the past eight years. Shivalya has grown tremendously over time, and has now become a safe cultural place for all of us to offer prayers, celebrate festivals, and more. We are now at a crossroads, and are reaching out for your support in order to keep our doors open.


 As many of you are already aware, our founders, Dr. Vijay Goyal and Dr.Vinod Goyal, have been immensely generous with their time, money, and resources in founding and expanding the services offered at Shivalya.


Earlier this year, lease on the property was about to end in August 2020, but at this moment, we understand that the property in which Shivalya is a tenant is not changing ownership. So in terms of location, Shivalya is going to keep its location at 318 W. Grand in Chicago for as long as it can.


Moreover, numerous committed temple members have expressed a desire for a broader group of devotees to contribute towards funding and running day-to-day operations of the temple.The aim is to substantially reduce the monthly operating expenses of the temple. We should be able to cover these costs with 200 devotees pledging USD 25 per month. 


If you would like to help keep the Shivalya Temple open, please consider donating USD 25 to the temple per month and indicating this willingness by sending us your name, email, and phone number over WhatsApp, text, or email so that we may include you in all future communications. We have included our contact information below.


Thank you once again for your support of Shivalya.


Warm regards,

Shivalya Team

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