At Shivalya, all activities should be kept in dignity and respect for the sacredness of our holy place. Any behavior in and around Shivalya facility, opposing the Hindu Traditions or that disturbs the community at large will not be tolerated

  • Before entering the are of worship, all footwear / winter coats need to be removed and placed in the designated area.

  • No one except the priest conducting the worship is allowed in the sanctum area.

  • Silence needs to be maintained at all times in Shivalya, including hallways especially when pooja services are in progress.

  • For any information regarding the Pooja services, please contact the front desk.

  • Children should be supervised at all times in Shivalya.

  • Cleanliness should be maintained at all times by properly all waste in the respected area.

  • All cell phones and pagers should be on vibrate mode at all times.

  • All special pooja and religious services in or out of Shivalya, should be confirmed through the Shivalya's management.

  • Do not change heating and cooling system of the facility.

  • PA systems should only be used by staff.

  • No alcoholic beverages, smoking or chewing gum in the Shivalya premises.

  • All non-monetary items or donations require approval by Shivalya's management.

  • No items shall be taken or removed from temple premises by any individual.

  • All food items other than Prasad should be served in the dinning area.

  • Only vegetarian food without onion and garlic will be served in the temple area.

  • No outside food allowed unless permitted by Shivalya management.

  • No pets other than Servive Pets are allowed on Shivalya premises.

  • No soliciting in the temple premises.

  • All devotees are solely resposible for their personal items. Shivalya is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items.


Anyone anticipating to Shivalya's guidelines will be escorted out of the premises.

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